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    Photography by Stephen Buchanan

    Idyllic. Bucolic. Historic.

    At the heart of this tranquil, 18-acre property is the amazing restoration of its rustic, 18th century farmhouse. Read more

    Apr. 13, 2024

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    Rare & Re-Vamped

    A truly rare find and noteworthy updates make this property located near the confluence of Cattail Creek and the Magothy River, a coveted real estate purchase indeed. Read more

    Apr. 06, 2024

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    Photography by Janelle Stroup for Thru the Lens

    Town Creek Views

    A sense of whimsey and a fine eye for detail surely inspired the vibe of this 3,500-square-foot traditional home with its most advantageous location on Town Creek in scenic Oxford. Read more

    Mar. 22, 2024

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    Polished, Colonial-Era Charm

    The true vibe of Annapolis lives in this completely restored townhouse, circa 1800, located in the heart of Naptown. Read more

    Mar. 18, 2024

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    Ready for a Re-Imagining

    While this 2,000-square-foot home is currently all about its location, location, location, it’s easy to see the value of choosing such a venue along Greenwood Creek in Queenstown. Read more

    Mar. 04, 2024

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