Wedding Trends

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    Petit, Petit Please

    Petit fours were invented in eighteenth century France, where coal-fired brick ovens had two “modes”: fully ablaze or cooling down. Read more

    Oct. 04, 2023

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    Photo: Kemp Collective

    Obsessions: Private Last Dance

    Every couple we’ve ever talked to said their wedding went too fast. This is your three-minute solution to savor the magic! Read more

    Jul. 31, 2023

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    Photo by Lily Morgan Photography

    Obsessions: Sweats + Sneaks

    After a long, hard day of getting married, you deserve to put on a pair of sweats. Will this send-off trend be popular in 20 years? One hundred percent not. But does it feel good to feel comfy? It feels so good. Read more

    Jun. 29, 2023

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    Photo: Igda Warner

    Obsessions: Cotton Candy

    Everybody gets hungry when they dance, which is why late night snacks have become a popular reception trend. Typical menus include French fries and sliders, served in retro packaging, but our preferred take on the trend is gourmet cotton candy. Read more

    Jun. 06, 2023

  • obsession1.jpg

    Obsessions: Unexpected Arrangements

    Florals these days skew big and bigger, but sometimes all you need is a little intrigue. Read more

    Feb. 28, 2023

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