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What’s Up? Media has teamed up with many passionate women from the community to commemorate the centennial of women’s suffrage. Year of the Woman is a nonprofit organization devoted to celebrating how far we’ve come while envisioning what’s next. Through this endeavor, we hope to create a platform in which the community as a whole can join the conversation, discussing the changes that have taken place while envisioning the next 100 years and the work yet to be done. In this upcoming year, the What’s Up? Media publications will feature a series of stories themed around women’s suffrage. Throughout 2020, Year of the Woman hopes to sponsor a series of speakers, events, films, and book clubs. We also plan to work closely with local schools so that children and young adults—who can’t even imagine a world where women had no rights—can learn the importance of this monumental time in history. We hope that you can join us in bringing awareness to the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote!

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Veronica Tovey 

Mia Cranford  

Kristen Awad  

Margaret Davis  

Ellen Moyer  

Martha Blaxall  

Faith Goldstein  

Anna E. Greenberg  

Judi Herrmann  

Lisa Hillman  

Kathy Brooks  

Leslie Sfakiyanudis  

Marnie Kagan  

Karen W. Smith  

Kris Shock  

Chanel Compton  

Sabriyah Hassan  

April Nyman  

Mary Margaret Revell Goodwin 

Alfa Stevens  

Misti Mukherjee

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