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24 years in business. The original content provider for all things Annapolis and beyond.

What's Up? Media brings you the online edition of the popular printed What's Up? Annapolis, What's Up? Eastern Shore, and What's Up? West County publications—the one-stop local entertainment guide for activities, sports, restaurants, special events and lifestyle in Anne Arundel County, Greater Chesapeake region and the Eastern Shore. Total printed circulation for What's Up? Annapolis is 50,841 copies with an estimated readership of 167,775, while printed circulation for What's Up? Eastern Shore is 21,441 copies with an estimated readership of 81,476, and circulation for What's Up? West County is 21,214 copies with an estimated readership of 76,370.

Does anyone really know why they do something? People often ask me where I got the idea to start a magazine and I have thought about this question. My previous careers included: being the first female stock broker in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1966; raising two daughters; starting a plant store in Brooklyn, New York, called “Growing Things;” working within Jimmy Carter’s White House as a “special assistant to the special assistant to the president;” and returning to my financial background by becoming an investment broker and banker. As an investment banker, I came to know, and fell in love with, the Chesapeake region as I raised the money and partnered in a 360-acre development in Chesapeake Beach. I had sailed in lakes in my home state of New Hampshire since childhood, but had never experienced something like the Chesapeake Bay. I bought a sail boat and commuted on weekends to Annapolis. During this time, my interest for the Chesapeake, its history, and the charm of surrounding towns only grew.

In 1990, I left Chevy Chase, Maryland, and moved to Edgewater (outside Annapolis) forever. I thought I would be happily retired, but soon found that I missed my connections to people who knew me and knew what kind of person I am. I had no reputation here. Am I a person who can be counted on, or am I a goof-off? I was surprised by how much I regretted not being “known.”

What I knew about myself was that I enjoyed doing things that helped people. I enjoy solving problems and being creative. I was very idealistic and believed I could accomplish whatever I was ready to work hard at. I also believed, and still do, that when people are brought together through events, sports, philanthropic efforts—or almost any sort of community happening—they learn about how to value each other. I believe that communities are strengthened by putting people together with a call to create something, whether an event or a new hospital. I thought that if I could create a publication that told people about what was happening in their environment I could help strengthen my community. And that is why I woke up one morning knowing that I would start a magazine called What’s Up?

During the years, it has grown from one magazine to six publications and we also host our own special events. In the beginning, we had many funny stories because we didn’t really know how to do large events. I remember, vividly, the first time we hosted a Most Eligible Singles event at Loews Annapolis Hotel. We knew that tickets were selling nicely but didn’t understand how many people actually decide to come at the last minute. Then-Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer was coming to the event as my guest and couldn’t get her car out of the parking garage off Main Street. She called the police department to find out what was going on. They tracked down the grid lock that was blocking all entrances into and out of Downtown Annapolis to the Most Eligible Singles event! I was called upon to explain and all I could do was laugh! I even had to promise the police that I wouldn’t allow any more people in because we would be over the fire code, but all ended well; the police started directing traffic and the Mayor found her way to our event. 

Finally, I want to thank all of my 40-plus employees now and the many who’ve helped What’s Up? Media thrive over the years, and all of our readers who have made our publications possible and such a wonderful experience. Many, many of you have become friends and I appreciate you all.

~ Veronica Tovey, President and Publisher

Publishing Timeline

Notable events in the history of What’s Up? Media



What’s Up? Media is founded by Veronica Tovey and the company’s first publication is mailed in May

May 97 Cover


The company office grows from Publisher Veronica Tovey’s basement to its new home in the Mason Building at 929 West Street


Our magazine graduates from saddle stitch binding (that is, stapled at center) to a perfect bind (a la paperback), which was confirmation of our growth



The reader-voted Best of Annapolis contest is established, along with the largest awards party in town held in June 



What’s Up? Annapolis celebrates its 10th anniversary and What’s Up? Eastern Shore is launched



Our biannual publication, What’s Up? Weddings, launches and personalizes the bridal experience with local and regional coverage and insights


What’s Up? West County is launched, delivering western Anne Arundel County its own magazine



Company moves from 929 West Street to the Power Technology Center at 201 Defense Highway


The LOOK, a new beauty and wellness section within our magazines, is launched; subsequently, we establish The LOOK Party, which quickly became one of our largest drawing events